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My Healing Story

Get to know Jen Barry, LMT. Owner and operator of Rhythms Massage & Bodywork and her incredible path to alternative healing.

Hello and welcome to my site. I had considered a career in massage for many years, but it wasn’t until I experienced my own shoulder injury that I came to believe wholeheartedly in massage and body work. While I was going through physical therapy for my injury I found that massage greatly complemented exercises and stretching and provided lasting relief from pain and stiffness. After healing from my injury I decided to pursue a career in massage so that I could help people suffering from pain and stress. I completed my massage certificate at Mildred Elley in Pittsfield Massachusetts where I earned an award for academic achievement.

Following my completion of the Mildred Elley massage therapy program I interned at Integrative Massage Therapy in Great Barrington where I continued to expand my knowledge and skills in massage. I have training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre-natal, Myofascial Release and Medical Massage specializing in neck and low back issues, as well as experience in more energetically based modalities such as Polarity.

I bring my knowledge of these massage techniques to every massage treatment to create a session that is customized to each client’s individual needs.

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